First Steps

Each cohort will consist of a maximum of 15 students. After students are admitted to both the Teacher Education Program and the Graduate School, they will be notified as to their admission status in the program. If admission is successful, students will be expected to attend an informational meeting in July 2018, which will provide additional details on financial aid information and registration information for the first semester. Students will be also required to purchase access to our LiveText educational software (, which is a software tool the College of Education uses to monitor and assess student learning outcomes in all teacher licensure programs. In addition to the academic content courses on their analysis, below is a description of the educational coursework/exams that will be required:

Before students complete their first semester, a degree plan is to be completed and submitted to the graduate school (

The courses below are offered throughout the year; however, specific sections of each course are scheduled for students in this program. Students in this program are required to sign up and complete specific sections of each the semester(s) designated below. Because of the cohort nature of this program, students are not allowed to take the courses in other semesters and/or substitutions from courses and sections outside of this framework are not possible.

Cohort Coursework (M.Ed = 33-39 credit hours)

Fall Semester:

  • FOED 6020 - Educational Foundations (3 credits)
  • YOED 6500 - Planning and Assessment (3 credits) (10 hours of K-12 Clinical Experience Required)
  • By the end of the semester, a degree plan is to be completed and submitted to the graduate school (

Spring Semester:

  • YOED 6680 - Issues and Trends in Teaching and Learning (3 credits)
  • YOED 6000 - Classroom Management (3 credits) (10 hours of K-12 Clinical Experience Required)

Summer Semester:

  • FOED 6610 - Analysis and Application of Educational Research (3 credits)
  • SPSE 6140 - Teacher Leadership for School Improvement (3 credits)
  • YOED 6220 - Seminar in edTPA Professional Performance (6 credits)*

Fall Semester:

  • YOED 6030 - Content Instruction for English Language Learners (3 credits) (Online)
  • YOED 6300 - Problem-Based Instructional Strategies (3 credits) (10 hours of K-12 Clinical Experience Required)
  • YOED 6120 - Residency 1: Grades K-12 Graduate (6 credits)*
  • By the end of this semester, all content courses (from transcript analysis) are completed and all Praxis II exams are passed.

Spring Semester:

  • YOED 5510 - The Teaching Internship (3-9 credits) (Students Teaching)
  • EdTPA Exam completed and Graduate Comprehensive Exams passed
Students decide to complete either YOED 6220 OR YOED 6120 in consultation with an advisor.*